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Jebao LED Lamp AK70

Jebao LED Lamp AK70

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Jebao AK70 LED (Marine/Reef Lighting) is perfect for those seeking a strong light that spots a modern, minimalistic design to it. 
Not only does the black coating give a very sleek elegant look to it, it also does not discolor when expose to heat produced by such intense lamps.

The various LEDs produce a spectrum of colors that are excellent for marine aquariums. LEDs are favored over Florescent bulbs due to their longer life spans yet not all Chinese branded LEDs perform as marketed.
The Jebao AK70 LED version however uses the technology and engineering of its European equivalents while being offered at a attractive price point. Making this brilliant lamp affordable to all hobbyist seeking to grow and maintain their reefs.



  • Remotely controlled via phone apps
  • Light spectrum tuned for attaining a beautiful reef with vivid colors that just pops!
  • Modern, minimalist and elegant design to compliment your reef setup
  • Vents for heat dissipation upwards, preventing unwanted heating of the water surface
  • A powerful system with the features and systems of european counterparts while being attractively priced


Marine Lighting,
Reef Lighting,
Corals, frag, LEDs,
Blue Spectrum

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