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JBL ProCristal UV-C 11W

JBL ProCristal UV-C 11W

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High-performance water clarifier for garden ponds
Eliminates green water (floating algae) and whitish cloudiness (bacteria) reliably and quickly, using germ-killing UVC radiation. UV light is an entirely physical agent. There are no harmful side effects. Reduces the germ load and reduces the risk of infection.
To extend the performance, devices can be joined together by connecting pieces (JBL ProCristal Connect).
Highly durable thanks to the glass cylinder, which protects the internal reflector.
Very high effectiveness – water flow has a maximum layer thickness of 10 mm.
Automatic burner switch-off when opening the device ensures safety.
Optional hose connector tails and threads for PVC tube fittings. Strong 2 m rubber cable with protective earth wire and safety plug. 4-year warranty on casing.
Total length to the end of the hose nozzle: 55 cm.
50% more effective than the current range. Increased radiation because of the reflection foil outside the glass cylinder.
Fittings are optimised for aquarium and pond hoses. Standardised fittings (tubing) fit the connection parts. Recent findings show that it is easier to partially sterilize bacteria than to combat clouding through algae. The reason for this is the difference in cell structure. Therefore the reach of a steriliser is wider for partial sterilisation than for combating floating algae.
New electronic ballasts with higher degree of efficiency.
Aeration: To prevent air bubbles inside the device the water clarifier needs to be lifted up for a few seconds with the water connection, where the water exits, on the upper side while the pump is running.

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