JBJ Mini Arctica Chiller with Digital Controller 1/15 HP DBI-050-D

JBJ Mini Arctica Chiller with Digital Controller 1/15 HP DBI-050-D

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Arctica Titanium Mini Aquarium Chiller 1/15HP DBI-050

JBJ introduces the revolutionary NANO & MINI Arctica Chillers! Small in size, yet with amazing cooling capabilities. Arctica Titanium chillers are superior over thermal-electric and fan chillers that produce less than minimal results.

The Arctica Chillers are available in 2 models: The Nano Arctica handles up to 100 litres and the Mini Arctica handles up to 160 litres aquarium.

Both models are driven by energy-efficient 1/15 Hp & 1/20 Hp compressors that can drop temperatures beyond any comparable chillers in the market!

The rust-resistant Arctica Titanium Heat Exchanger coil is specially designed for cooling waters efficiently and is the premium element for heat exchange on the market.

Arctica Titanium Mini Aquarium Chiller is quiet and is ideal for aquarium located in living rooms or quiet offices.

Key Features

  • Quite: The Nano & Mini Arctica Series have the lowest noise and vibration level in its class. 44 dBA.
  • Temperature Control: The Nano & Mini Arctica are both equipped with an integrated analog temperature controller capable of maintaining temperature within +/- 0.5 C of your set point. Simply turn the dial to your desired temperature setting and our controller will do the rest.
  • Stay Alert: Controllers on the Nano & Mini Arctica chillers are equipped with a malfunction ALARM system. A visible LED signals any problems with the chiller's performance.
  • Compact Size: With a footprint of only 32.0 cm x 19.6 cm, there is no need to worry about space constraints with the Nano & Mini Arctic chillers.

Specifications: Model DBI-050

  • Horsepower: 1/15 HP/50W
  • Capacity BTU/hr: 900
  • Volts/PH/Hz: 230/1/60
  • Input Amps: 1.9A
  • Heat Exchanger: Titanium
  • Refrigerant: R-134A
  • Flow Rate (min/max): 420 Lph/640Lph
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Tank Size: 160L
  • Hose Fitting: 12.7mm
  • Dimensions (cm): W19.6 x D32.0 x H35.8