JBJ 3D Bio House 1.5L

JBJ 3D Bio House 1.5L

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JBJ 3D Bio House helps to promote a strong and healthy colony of nitrifying bacteria, thanks to its massive porous structure design that greatly expands the overall effective surface area for denitrification to take place.

Its three-dimensional porous structure also allows uninterrupted flow of water, hence nutrient in water is able to flow freely through and around the media. This ensures that the transportation of nourishments in the aquarium is not hindered.


  • Improves the removal of ammonia, nitrate and nitrite
  • Maintains neutral GH and pH
  • Constant dissolution of minerals
  • Added high-quality medical stone volcanic rocks and rare earth materials in filter material to variety of trace elements dissolve slowly
  • Provides biologically-optimum living environment
  • Suitable for Fresh and Salt water