Hailea Pump HX8830

Hailea Pump HX8830

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This pump can be used to strain water, provide water aeration, assist filtration, generate waves, provide continual water flow for fountains.


  • Aluminum ceramic shaft
  • Can be used in fresh and sea water
  • Dual use: Inside and outside the water
  • Double water-cooled structure for rapid heat dissipation
  • Safety: Pump winding sealed in high-quality resin
  • Superior quality ABS plastic case, which is anti-alkali and anti-corrosive
  • Strong sucker to fix pump firmly on surface

Specifications of Hailea HX-8830

Power: 50W
Voltage: 110-120/220-240V
Flow: 3000 L/H
Max Jet: 2.4M
Outer Diameter: ø15mm
Size: 211×102×145mm