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UP Red Bee Shrimp GH Builder 300ml

UP Red Bee Shrimp GH Builder 300ml

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UP Red Shrimp GH Builder contains the necessary elements and vitamins for red bee shrmp's growth and breeding. It can safely rause the general hardness which is mainly constituted by calcium and magnesium ions to the normal condition for red bee shrimp's constant growth, breeding and ecdysis but will cause no influence to PH and KH fluctuation. UP Red Shrimp GH Builder sufficiently supplies the reproducing nutrients to enhance body color ,raise reproducing rate and reinforce the survival rate of shrimp fry.

  • Add 1 ml to 3liters of water can raise 0.5degree of deutch general hardness(GH).
  • Suggest to raise the GH value in 1-2 degrees at each day until the normal level has reached. General red bee shrimp keeping GH value is considered about 6-8 degrees.
  • Use GH TEST can easily measure the GH reading in water. The measuring should apply constantly to assure the correct safe and water quality.
  • Keep out of reach of children.