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GEX Mega power 2045 Canister

GEX Mega power 2045 Canister

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-RCN even if next turn up handy external filter. 2-WAY type place, anywhere!

-Small authentic external filtration system. Easy start priming unnecessary and just put the outlet!

-Powerful filtration in four different high-performance filtration material!

-Static sound design, high power motor separate from the tank. Easy maintenance!

■ Adaptive water tank (water capacity): 20-45 cm (10 to 35 liters) water tank
■ rated voltage / frequency: AC 100V ( 50 Hz/60 Hz )
■ power consumption: 3 W ( 50 Hz/60 Hz )
■ product size (filter body size): width 115 x depth 137. 5 x 200 mm
■ flow rate: 2. 3 l / min (50 Hz) 2. 8 l / min (60 Hz)

Set includes:
-Mega tank & filter material stopper A and B and mega motor (kisgom x 2)
Strainer Strainer sponge strainer pipe
-Water pipes, water pipe and clips x 4-Kiss GOM x 4
-Erbopipe, shower pipe, valve, diffuse discharge outlet
-Hose × 2-Walmart-mega bio carbon
And sponge mats, cleanbioring x 3
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