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A color is dark and charms fish and a waterweed clearly!
It is the LED light which there is 45cm in width fresh water, a seawater for two uses frame targeted for GEX clear LED power 3 (frame 16mm in width or less), and does it (glass thickness 6mm or less), and charms a fish, the waterweed which is most suitable for common use features
Suitable for  45cm water tank beautifully.
It is color temperature 10000K (at the time of three colors of lighting) where a color shows a fish and a waterweed with three colors of power LED clearly densely. Three colors of switches independent, even single color can turn in combination on LED of the blue white red. 
Light it up with irradiation corner 120 degrees to the whole depth of the water tank brightly.
Slim body of the good-quality alumite processing to raise a sense of unity with the water tank.

(WxDxH) 46.2×9.8×6.4cm