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Gex Betta Safe 80ml (50526)

Gex Betta Safe 80ml (50526)

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GEX Betta Safe is a water conditioner (for ornamental fish) and detoxify heavy metals.

Contains natural antibacterial ingredients in concentrations suitable for solid breeding.

Control "healthy water bacteria" which may affect the health of the fins and maintain the health of delicate fins. In addition, the mucous membrane protective ingredient combination protects the solid mucous membrane.

Shake the bottle well before use, add to the tap water, gently stir and use immediately.

Dosage: 1 drop (approximately 0.07ml) per 100ml of tap water.
*There is no problem to put in more.

This product is designed to condition water that protects healthy fins. It has no effect on repairing a damaged fin.

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