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FUTURA-S 950 mm / 4 Modules / 350/260 W Marine

FUTURA-S 950 mm / 4 Modules / 350/260 W Marine

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Uncompromising technology in an elegant design: the new FUTURA-S fascinates in every way!

High-performance electronics with high-tech processors on every board, plus the finest optics and illuminated mirrors - this alone makes an incredible performance possible. With a power consumption of just 65 watts per panel and carefully selected LEDs, performance and color brilliance are achieved, which is often difficult to achieve even with significantly higher power and significantly more LEDs. Our contribution to energy efficiency and maximum performance are the clever details in every GIESEMAN luminaire.

Available in different lengths, each FUTURA-S luminaire is equipped with powerful LED modules, which consist of a large number of effective High Power CREE XT-E LED. The individual light modules communicate within the luminaire via their own secure radio connection. If you are looking for LED lighting that combines uncompromising technology with maximum light output, then you are right with the new FUTURA-S. State-of-the-art electronics provide unprecedented opportunities. 

  • individual adjustment of the desired light spectrum over the entire color space
  • Available in different lengths for exact adaptation to your aquarium
  • Up to 3000 extremely accurate dimming levels through True Dimming Technology from Linear Technology
  • integrated Bluetooth wireless module 
  • even the smallest model offers 10 independently adjustable light channels
  • through elaborate reflector technology higher light output with lower power consumption

Exactly according to your wishes, even with the smallest version of the FUTURA-S the light spectrum can be adjusted via 10 channels and regulated in the light output. This ensures realistic and natural light scenarios in every aquarium. In the morning, let the sun rise slowly from east to west in your desired color over the aquarium, immerse your aquarium in glistening bright light at noon and in the evening watch how slowly dawn breaks and your underwater world, for example, appears in blue violet colors leaves. At night, only the moon provides light and shade in the aquarium, enabling observation of nocturnal aquarium inhabitants.


  • Temperature management for performance optimization
  • Speed-controlled fan control with additional passive cooling
  • Luminaire cover made of black printed, hardened special glass
  • Lossless secondary optics low / wide beam
  • Modules with 20 CREE X-series high performance LEDs each 
  • Fully controllable LED color channels and color groups
  • Control of all individual modules and channels
  • Integration of any number of luminaires in a network
  • Presetting of fixed light scenarios
  • Individual customer programs can be stored and duplicated
  • Copy function, drag and drop
  • Caching of settings
  • Test mode for daily routine in fast motion
  • Sunrise, sunset etc. per color and per module
  • Day scenarios with 450 switching points per color and per module
  • Live color mixer and expert composition
  • full weather simulation, clouds, rainy days, thunderstorms
  • Setting time windows for clouds, thunderstorms, moon etc.
  • Realtime color composition via directly over BLUETOOTH visible


  • Real lunar cycle, selectable brightness, time and phase
  • Multiple programming and storage of various programs
  • Transmission of operating values ​​such as temperature and power consumption
  • Network components communicate with each other via BLUETOOTH
  • internal communication of all boards additionally via ZIGBEE 2.4 GHz
  • Demo mode with fast-forward of all functions
  • User-friendly menu navigation
  • Connection to aquarium computer via interface
  • Fully updateable
  • Current apps are provided free of charge
  • individually programmable and dimmable color channels
  • Adjustment of all light colors and light mixtures
  • All dimming and control times freely adjustable


  • Control via Tablet PC, PC or Smartphone *
  • Separate control of several lights





 Height 45 mm 
 width 290mm


 450 mm

 650 mm

 950 mm

 1250 mm

 1550 mm



  9.1 kg

  10.2 kg

  16.4 kg

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