FUTURA-S 450 mm / 2 Modules / 175/130 W Marine

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Giesemann FUTURA-S 450 mm 2 Modules 175 130 W is the flagship of the LED range of Giesemann, with the same beautiful build quality, reliability and style of its smaller brothers, the TESZLA-S and TESZLA-S XT. The Giesemann FUTURA-S 450 mm 2 Modules 175 130 W also has a number of additional functions and software.

Unique to the Giesemann FUTURA-S 450 mm 2 Modules 175 130 Clear the ability to adjust levels 'per module' basis, allowing different light saturation levels to be programmed for different areas within the same aquarium, depending on the needs in that specific area.

Bluetooth network:

Each Giesemann FUTURA-S 450 mm 2 Modules 175 130 W is equipped with high-power LED boards that communicate with each other with a different radio connection with other FUTURA-S units. Your lamp screen is via Bluetooth from your home computer, smartphone or tablet

Point-Point Programming:

One of the advanced functions of the FUTURA-S software is Point-Point programmability, which allows each channel to be set independently of the user with different set points in the light period. The total number of available setpoints is a surprising 4320, making the FUTURA-S the head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to versatility. This ensures both realistic daylight intensity adjustment over the full spectrum and the light cycle, but also a fine adjustment of the light field color shift over the illuminated period, allowing realistic replication of sunset and sunrise phases during the day-long high intensity period and Back in low intensity full night and moonlight phases.

Super quality, impressive features and a two-year guarantee at an affordable price are the characteristics of the Giesemann FUTURA-S 450 mm 2 Modules 175 130 W.

Further information about the FUTURA-S:

  • The individual light modules, consisting of a large number of new generation high-power CREE X LEDs in the lamp, communicate via a secure radio connection.
  • The high performance of the Giesemann FUTURA-S is ensured by an advanced microprocessor controlled active cooling system with the latest cold constructions. The stylish but functional housing offers a combination of narrow and wide angle lighting and maximum protection against shine.
  • All color mixes, dimming phases and light scenarios, including storm, cloud and moon phases, can be simulated using standard software.
  • Completely built at the Giesemann plant in Germany means that the Giesemann FUTURA-S comes at an unbelievably affordable price for those looking for a multi-module LED array despite the formidable range of features, handmade finishes and beautiful build quality .
  • The Giesemann FUTURA-S modular design tools can be developed and expanded later by using the latest firmware and replacing the modules used.
  • Individually programmable and dimmable color channels based on per module.
  • Available in 2/3/4/5/6 module sizes.
  • Up to 4320 programmable set points over the light period.
  • Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth.
  • The smallest version already has 10 individually programmable and dimmable color channels per module module.
  • Loss-free secondary optic narrow angle / wide angle.

Below an overview and the specifications of the Giesemann FUTURA-S.