FUTURA-S 1250 mm / 5 Modules / 430/330 W Marine

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With the Giesemann Futura you have an ultra-slim LED lighting.

With remotely controllable modules via Bluetooth wireless communication, PC, tablet or smartphone

The ultimate LED modules provide a stunning light spectrum, sophisticated lenses ensure a 120-degree beam

The unique Point-Point Programming is just one of the advanced functions of the FUTURA-S software.

Point-Point programming unit, each channel can be set independently with various set points over the light period by the user. The total number of set points available is a staggering 4320 settings.

DeFUTURA-S stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to versatility. This ensures both realistic daylight intensity adjustment over the full spectrum and light cycle, but also fine adjustment of the light spectrum and color reproduction from sunset to sunrise and full night and moonshine cycle.  


Specificatie: FUTURA-S 1250 mm / 5 Module / 430/330 W – MARINE


Dimensions: 1250x290x45 mm LxWxH

Weight: 10.2 Kg

Power supply: 110-240V, 50-60Hz., 2 cable.

Module: 5- LED 20 LED per LED-module - MARINE VERSION

8x coolwhite

1x green (490-560 nm)

1x rood (630-790 nm )

4x royal blue (410-430 nm)

1x Royal violet (390-400 nm)

1x blue (465 nm )

4x blue (430-480 nm )

Total: 10200-25000 lumen

Total output: 430 watt

Optics: 120° optics

Passive cooling

System requirements: Android 3.0 or higher