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Eheim Universal Pump 1262 Rated 3400L/H 1.7M

Eheim Universal Pump 1262 Rated 3400L/H 1.7M

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The EHEIM universal pump 1262 offers a large power spectrum and versatile uses. The pump has a hermetically sealed motor body that guarantees maximum safety and a long lifetime. The integrated pre-filter prevents objects from entering the impeller and ensures long performance. The inlet connector is designed for safe hose connection. The pressure connector enables the use of interesting accessories such as installationKit 2. Both connectors can be removed from the pump. Therefore a installation with pvc pipes is possible. The supplied assembly plate enables different assembly options.

Specifications for EHEIM Universal Pump 3400:

- Type 1262
- power consumption 230 V/80 W (other voltages on request)
- Pump head: 3.6 m
- Pump output: 3400 l/h
- Power cable length: 1.7 m
- Connector suction side: 25/34 mm
- Connector pressure side 16/22 mm
- Dimensions: (length x width x height) 218 x 116 x 161 mm
- suitable for fresh and marine water
- for use in/under and outside the water

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