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EHEIM Professional III Canister Filter 2075 with Media

EHEIM Professional III Canister Filter 2075 with Media

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The Professional 3 2075 is the first of a new external filter generation with even more technical benefits than the Professional II series.


  • Integrated automatic self priming for quick filling of the canister 
  • Safety hose adapters with easy to use locking mechanism -the adapter can only be opened when the hose taps are closed 
  • Individually fillable filter baskets Complete with original EHEIM filter media. 
  • High quality ceramic spindle and sleeve guarantee very quiet running smoothness and extremely long life. 
  • Top of canister prefilter securely traps larger dirt particles, significantly increasing maintenance intervals of the biomedia. Simple to remove and easy to clean. 
  • Recessed handles and transport wheels 
  • Maintenance and flow rate indicator 
  • Adjustable pump output 

Technical Specifications:

  • For Tank litre: 600 ltr 
  • Pump Output: 1250 ltr 
  • Canister Volume: 9.2 ltr 
  • Delivery Head: 1.8m 
  • Filter Volume: 6 ltr + 0.5 (pre-filter) 
  • Power Consumption: 16 w 
  • Dimensions: 500 x 290 x 240


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