Ecotech Vortech MP40mQD(Wireless)

Ecotech Vortech MP40mQD(Wireless)

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EcoTech VorTech QuietDrive Features:

In a reef aquarium, having the perfect amount of flow and water movement is crucial to the health of your animals, as well as the overall success of the tank.  The all new Vortech MP40W QD features a redesigned wet side, dry side, motor, power supply, and driver.  With the VorTech QuietDrive, choosing the proper water circulation equipment has never been more simple.  VorTech pumps are designed by aquarists to be the standard in wave-making technology:

  • Create massive water movement – Adjustable flow rates with included controller allow you to dial in a setting that is tailored to your aquarium
  • No hotspots – With its broad flow pattern, the VorTech QuietDrive eliminates “flow hot spots”
  • Three dimensional flow – A unique patented design is unrivaled in creating three dimensional flow conditions and gyres
  • Comprehensive flow modes – 12 different flow modes allow you to choose the best setting for happy corals and fish
  • Ultra low-profile design – With its patented design, the VorTech QuietDrive is the least visually obtrusive pump on the market
  • Safe – No electrical components in the aquarium greatly reduces the risk of elctrical shock to you, or your animals.

What’s in the box:

  • VorTech QuietDrive Pump
  • QuietDrive driver/controller
  • Power supply