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DVH Media Cup 193x98mm

DVH Media Cup 193x98mm

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Replace your 4" filter socks and replace them with the DVH Aquatics Acrylic Filter Media Cup!

If you do not like to wash your filter socks and looking for something that can take its place? The media cup can hold just about any type of filtration media, from filter floss, ceramic media, carbon, or GFO, and you can even stack the different media types to make tower style filtration system. Just put the Filter Media Cup in place of your 4" filter sock, and fill it with your favorite filter media. High-flow slots are cut at the bottom of the media cup ensuring water is forced to travel all the way down to the bottom of the cup and giving all your media proper contact time. 

  • Acrylic Construction
  • Clear Body
  • Easy to Insert & Remove
  • High-Flow Slots 


Compatible with most 4" Filter Sock Holders - We suggest measuring your current opening for compatibility. You will need about 7.5" of height available from the top of the filter sock holder to the bottom of your tank, and the diameter of the filter sock hole must be larger than 3.36"  and smaller than 3.6".


We highly recommend containing any loose media in a mesh media bag. 



Total Capacity - 850mL (approx)

Rim Diameter - 3.837" / 85mm

Tube diameter: 85mm

Hanging ring: 97,50 x 93,62mm

Total height: ~193mm

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