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Deltec UV 39 watt

Deltec UV 39 watt

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  • Slimline high intensity quartz bulb with ceramic cap for good thermal insulation.
  • Lamp life of 9000 hours for continuous use.
  • Electronic Ballast for flicker free operation, doubling the bulb life.
  • Pure quartz sleeve prevents thermal shocks and maintains the lamp at the correct temperature for maximum UV-C output regardless of the water temperature.
  • Reinforced UV resistant plastic body prevents degradation with time.
  • Single ended design and waterproof insulation to CE IP67.
  • Ballast and Lamp function LED indicator.
  • Allows partial submersion of the body in a sump thus reducing the space required for installation.
  • Viton gasket for a long term UV resistant seal. 
  • Can be easily connected together to form banks of UV units using standard pipework


39W Model
  • Wattage39 watts
  • Flow Rate2000 lts/hr
  • Dimensions920mm x 100mm x 140mm 
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