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Deltec Skimmer 1000i (DC Pump)

Deltec Skimmer 1000i (DC Pump)

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The Deltec Skimmer 1000i has a newly developed emergency overflow. This prevents the skimmer from "boiling over" when the water level in the skimmer rises. This can happen, for example, because the delivery pump stops and the water level in the sump rises. In addition, there may be problems with the air supply, for example due to a kink in the silicone hose. This allows the skimmer to "boil over" and the water rises so high that it is pressed into the foam bowl and the foam waste is flushed back into the sump. This leads to an extreme load on water. This is prevented by the emergency overflow.

The new protein skimmers also include minimum and maximum adjustment level marks on the outlet pipework for easy set up.

The water level in the Deltec Skimmer 1000i can be read on the emergency overflow course. In addition, the minimum and maximum markings help to optimize the water level. Due to the possibility of exchanging the emergency overflow with the controller tube, the user has the possibility to decide how the pipes are arranged.


The Deltec Skimmer 1000i is equipped with the Deltec pump DCC 2. This 24 V DC pump can be operated via an eight-stage controller and can be optimally adjusted to the water level and water load. On the (for most aquariums) optimum level 5, with only 13 watts, approximately 650 liters of air is generated.

The ergonomic cylinder shape

Thanks to the ergonomic cylinder shape, the Deltec Skimmer 1000i achieves the best results with
skimming. The shape of the skimmer does not rise. This allows the small air bubbles to rise without hindrance, they are completely saturated and they only burst in the riser of the foam pot. From there, the skimming waste can be discharged via a drain hose without having to lower the foam bowl.



  • Aquarium size 600 to 1,000 liters 
  • Power consumption 11 watts with 600 liters of air 
  • Dimensions (LXBXH): 24 x 15.5 x 52cm 
  • Footprint 22 x 15.5cm
  • Body Diameter 140mm
  • Riser tube diameter 90mm
  • Pump Deltec DCS 600 
  • For sumps with 15 to 25cm water level 
  • *Optional manual cleaning head CSM 1000
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