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Deltec Internal Skimmer SC3070

Deltec Internal Skimmer SC3070

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In Sump Version - Deltec SC 3070 - This stands for Single Chamber, body diameter 300mm and total height 700mm

  • The total height measurement includes around 20mm for cup removal
  • Significantly exceeds performance of AP1004 (2400 lts of air - 230V)
  • Footprint: 320mm x 320mm
  • Footprint plus pipework: 383 mm x 325 mm
  • Total air produced: 2x1500 to 2x1600 lts/hour
  • Power consumption: 2 x 29W-31W
  • Working water height in sump: 180-260mm
  • Neck diameter: 160mm
  • Outlet pipe size: 50mm
  • Tank Suitability: 4000 lts heavy stocking 4800 lts normal stocking
  • Remote drain of skimmer cup
  • Air silencers
  • Micro adjustable skimmer setting
  • High water flow through the skimmer
  • Optional self cleaning system
  • New colour scheme
  • No feed pump required, skimmer draws water directly from the sump
  • Article no 81300000
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