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DVH Coral Protec 20ml

DVH Coral Protec 20ml

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DVH Coral Protec is a new coral dip for reefers designed to work with removing all types of coral pests and parasitic organisms. Coral Protec is a quick and easy to use method for expelling all sorts of aquarium pests before you place your precious corals into your aquarium. This simple coral diping process is a commonly over looked step in the acclimation process that often leads to huge problems in the display tank.

It is very common for corals that are traded, maricultured or wild caught to have various pests hitchhiking along for an opportunity to wreak havoc on your aquarium inhabitants. Coral Protec is safe and effective method of removing these pests. Help stop the spread of parasites and use Coral Protec on any new specimen that you want to introduce into your display tank.

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