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Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

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Coral Pro Salt has been specifically formulated for use with mineral free Reverse Osmosis, or soft tap water and contains the elevated levels of calcium and buffer capacity that provide the extended availability of these elements, essential for vibrant coral growth. Utilizing the same natural sea minerals used in Red Sea Salt the new Coral Pro Salt will enable all reverse osmosis users and reef enthusiast a superior product without the need for immediate supplementation.

The chemically balanced formula to support the most delicate Corals and other marine life and reaches a stable, natural pH shortly after mixing. It is free of nitrates and phosphates produced by a small batch process to ensure homogeneity and consistency of the salt mixture. Corals, calcareous algae and other invertebrates use large amounts of calcium for the building of their skeletons or shells. The calcium level in natural seawater at 35ppt is approximately 400 ppm. The Coral Pro formula provides elevated levels of calcium at the lower than natural salinities preferred in reef aquariums. Table shows Calcium levels of Coral Pro mixed in RO water at 24 degrees Celcius and salinity.

s.g. Salinity Calcium Qty of Salt

  • 1.021 30.6 ppt 420 ppm 33.4 g/l 1.4 lb/5 US gal
  • 1.023 32.8 ppt 450 ppm 35.8 g/l1.5 lb/5 US gal
  • 1.025 35.0 ppt 480 ppm 38.2 g/l1.6 lb/5 US gal

Makes approximately 210 litres.