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Continuum Fraction Chloramine & Ammonia Remover

Continuum Fraction Chloramine & Ammonia Remover

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Fraction is a technologically advanced, premium quality maximum strength water conditioner, that when added to tap water, makes it safe for the fish. Proper control of the toxic ammonia, nitrites and nitrates is imperative for the health of the fish and the aquarium. Not to be used as a continuous way to control ammonia, the treatment can be used in emergencies to get ammonia levels under control until the normal biological filter process is established.

If over crowding has been the cause of the ammonia, Fraction will control the levels until the biological filter catches up and takes over.

It is safe for all marine or freshwater species including sensitive fish, live corals and other invertebrates and live plants. Fraction contains no slime coat enhancers as these could pollute the aquarium.