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Chihiros New Doctor (Bluetooth/ up to 700L)

Chihiros New Doctor (Bluetooth/ up to 700L)

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Chihiros New Doctor, in a single product all the technology to protect the health of your fish and shrimp and help you fight against the onset of algae; all via bluetooth connection and free app.

Features: The first product designed and designed to help all aquarists fight algae and at the same time protect the inhabitants of the aquarium using a single device with extremely compact dimensions.

After 2 generations of Doctor, the new series is designed to replace the previous models by concentrating in a single device the functions that until now were carried out by 3 separate appliances: one to counteract the algae and two to protect and strengthen health, respectively of fish and shrimps.

All this thanks to its capacity of oxidation that inhibits the onset of algae and helps to eliminate pathogenic bacteria present in the water thus preventing many diseases in fish and Caridine.

Thanks to its new technology, moreover, it is able to guarantee its effect on a vast range of tanks (up to 700 liters) covering almost 90% of the most widespread latraggi on the market.

The new Chihiros Doctor Bluetooth Edition:

The continuous search for innovation has led to the birth of the Doctor Bluetooth: the setting and the setting of the device take place, that is, through a bluetooth connection between the device and your smartphone and the use of the free app "Chihiros Magic" downloadable for Android that for IoS.

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