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Chihiros LED A (GVE)

Chihiros LED A (GVE)

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Chihiros Series A LED lamps are specially created for densly planted, open fresh water aquariums. They have a very slim design and the evenly distributed LEDs illuminate every tank completely. The LED cover is made of aluminum alloy and finished with anodize surface treatment, which effectively reduces the heat generation problem of the high luminosity LED lamps and prevents the lamp from rust.

It comes with a manual dimmer, which allows an easy adjustment of light intensity in 7 steps. The different dimming steps are 100% - 90% - 80% - 70% - 60% - 50% - 30% of the light output. This comes in especially handy while starting an aquarium, where the light intensity should be raised slowly and according to the plant growth. When used together with a time switch, the last appointed setup og the dimmer is preserved.


Chihiros lamps are not designed to be used under a closed top. It should only be used over open tanks, even the combination with a cover disk is no problem. Under a closed top the LEDs would corrode, due to the water vapour.

Usage under a closed top is not allowed.


  • Especially designed for densly planted tanks
  • Slim design
  • Including manual 7 step dimmer
  • Optional dimmer with remote control available
  • Including euro plug
Lamp Suitable for tank-width Example
A201 20 cm Dennerle Nano Cube Basic 10l
A251 25 cm Dennerle Nano Cube Basic 20l, Aquael Shrimp Set Smart 20
A301 30 cm ADA Cube Garden - Mini S, Dennerle Nano Cube 30l
A361 36 cm ADA Cube Garden Mini M
A401 40 cm Dennerle Scapers Tank 35l
A451 45 cm ADA Cube Garden 45-F, Dennerle Scapers Tank 55l
A601 60 cm ADA Cube Garden 60-P
A801 80 cm All standard tanks with 80 cm width
A901 90 cm ADA Cube Garden 90-H
A1201 120 cm ADA Cube Garden 120-H
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