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CaribSea Ocean Direct-Oolite 5lbs

CaribSea Ocean Direct-Oolite 5lbs

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Ocean Direct™ Live Sand

Simply Natural – Enjoy this real Caribbean live sand in a breathable bag with no added chemicals or special processing.

Simply Effective – Ocean Direct™ is different than all other live sand products on the market. This live sand utilizes patent pending Sea Breathe laser technology which preserves real live sand with its own original bacteria. Every bag of Ocean Direct™ is alive and breathing with up to 1000 times more beneficial bacteria than other preservation methods. 

Every grain of Ocean Direct™ is coated with bacteria and encapsulated by capillary action in a thin film of real ocean water. The thin film is open to the atmosphere for unparalleled gas exchange. This results in high counts of natural and beneficial bacteria with no noxious buildup of metabolic y-products. Each bag includes a packet of Bio-Magnet™ clarifier to reposition the free floating bacteria to where they are most active; sand beds, surfaces of live rocks, and to biological filtration media. Ocean Direct™ provides you with a thriving, natural aquarium in minutes!

Simply Perfect – Ocean Direct™ supplies the perfect union of physics and biology!

Ocean Direct Oolite is known for its uniquely spherical, uniform gradation. This ultra fine, creamy white substrate is ideal for burrowing creatures and great for shallow or deep beds. Particle size is less than 1mm (with most particles less than .6 mm).

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