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Brightwell Aquatics AngeLixir 250ml

Brightwell Aquatics AngeLixir 250ml

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Free-Form Amino Acid Food Soak for Spongivorous Marine Fishes.

  • Complex of free-form amino acids in the same ratios found within tissues of sponges.
  • Utilizes natural attractants and marine-derived proteins to improve feeding response and increase protein percentage of fish foods, respectively.
  • Beneficial to all fishes whose diets are in large part composed of sponges, including angelfishes, butterflyfishes, Moorish Idols, and their respective allies.
  • Formulated based upon sponge tissue analysis and marine finfish culture.

Free-form amino acids:

  • Encourage vibrant coloration.
  • Provide the building blocks of protein to encourage the formation of new tissue
  • Encourage new tissue growth to aid in recovery from wounds incurred during aggressive encounters with tankmates or during spawning periods.
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