Blue Life Phosphate Rx 1oz

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Most cost effective phosphate media on the market Highest adsorption capacity Rapid adsorption twice as fast as GFO No clumping or disintegrating Will not leach, ever! Spherical beads allow excellent contact time Long lasting and durable Safe for both fresh & saltwater Can be regenerated 6 or more times! Blue FX Resins are advanced regenerable adsorption resins that comprise an entire new Eco-Friendly advancement in Aquarium Products. Blue Life USA’s regenerable, and Nitrate Fx, Phos Fx, and Organic Fx Resins compatible with both fresh and saltwater aquariums of all sizes with Softener Fx is the only Freshwater Only resin in the Blue Fx Resin Line. The easy to use media is the most cost effective approach to Aquarium filtration ever. All resins are regenerable multiple times, and the Regen Fx kit can regenerate up to 4 resin media bags at one time.