Back to Nature Aquarium Cleaner 400g

Back to Nature Aquarium Cleaner 400g

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Back to Nature Aquarium Cleaner is a balanced water conditioner for freshwater aquariums. The optimal mixing ratio of natural minerals can ensure a stable biological balance. The Aquarium Cleaner has a clarifying effect directly after application and immediately ensures particularly clear water.

Fish, invertebrates such as shrimps and snails as well as aquatic plants benefit from the increased water quality and acknowledge it with splendid growth and iridescent colours.

With regular use, thread algae, brush algae, smear algae, etc. can be reduced naturally, as the nutritional basis of these algae becomes less favourable due to the optimisation of the mineral composition. In addition, mulm deposits are broken down thus the filter life cycle can be extended.

  • Immediate effect ensures crystal clear water
  • Purely biological mechanisms of action
  • 100 % natural ingredients
  • Sustainable and preventive against algae and coatings through positive milieu change
  • Harmless to fish, invertebrates and aquatic plants
  • 400 g are sufficient for approx. 5.000 litres of aquarium water

Add one dosing spoon (8 g) per 100 l aquarium water once a week directly into the current or into the filter basin.