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Aquarium Systems Proten LED Freshwater

Aquarium Systems Proten LED Freshwater

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Aquarium Systems Proten LED is a powerful extendable LED for freshwater aquariums. Modern practical design makes it compatible with the vast majority of existing aquarium light fittings. It comes supplied with T5 & T8 adaptors and 2 pairs of clamp fittings that fit all standard glass aquarium sizes.

Using a potent combination of 10,000K, 8,000K, RGB and 0.2w RGB LEDs, the freshwater unit is perfect for planted tanks as well as fish only aquariums as the powerful light will promote healthy plant growth and create a natural looking beautiful tank.

This switched dual channel light allows daylight and moonlight conditions for a more natural day/night cycle. It is also compatible with the Bluetooth dimming controller ( not included )

  • Extendable LED for aquariums
  • Complete range covering 250mm - 1500mm
  • Very reliable
  • Provides the ripple effect
  • Easy to retro fit
  • Low energy consumption
  • Next generation LED's
  • 2 year guarantee

Proten 36W 1200mm:

  • Size - 1200mm
  • Extends - 1200-1500mm
  • Wattage - 36w
  • Width - 40mm, Height - 20mm
  • Colour - Fresh
  • Lumens - 1700lm
  • 9 x 10000K, 11 x 8000K, 10 x RGB, 12 x RGB Size - 450mm
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