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Aquarium Systems Mega Media 500g

Aquarium Systems Mega Media 500g

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A leading filter media for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Aquarium Systems present this innovative blue larger synthetic filtration media which allows flow through the pad whilst trapping large and small impurities from the aquarium water. The filter media combines new and improved techniques with a small compact design to ease the hassle of water cleansing once and for all. The Aquarium System Mega Blue Filter Media 500g is perfect to use with most external filters and ideal for sump use.  

Mega Media Large is chemical free and has no ill effects on the parameters of the water.  Tougher than others on the market, it can be rinsed and reused several times making it a superior and highly economical choice.  

Use : Loosen Aquarium System Mega Media Large before use and rinse with clean water.  Then place the media in your filtration system.

Note, as this is a filter medium we recommend replacing this regularly to prevent blockages, although as this has a super efficient absorption -  it can go longer periods than other fine filter mediums on the market.

At a Glance:-

Approx bag size 50cm x 20cm x 10cm

High Grade Large Filter Media

Reusable unlike others on the market

Chemical Free

Highly economical

Freshwater and Saltwater

deal for sump use

Can be used with most external filters

Small and compact design

Genuine Aquariums Systems product 

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