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AquaNice Bottom Sucking Pump

AquaNice Bottom Sucking Pump

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Aquanice A series pump features bottom suction technology which allows the pump head to work in low water level. The pump is ideal for both freshwater, marine and planted tank. It can be used for tank maintenance, draining and waterfall features as well.

  • Easy to carry
  • Sucking bottom droppings
  • Multi size water outlet
  • High flow
  • Super silent and durable

Also available in other models:

  • Aquanice A-9400 40W 2000L/H
  • Aquanice A-9500 50W 2500L/H
  • Aquanice A-9600 60W 3000L/H
  • Aquanice A-9700 90W 4500L/H
  • Aquanice A-9800 105W 5500L/H
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