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Aquael Shrimp Set 20 Black

Aquael Shrimp Set 20 Black

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The Shrimp Set Day & Night 20 by AQUAEL is a fully equipped nano aquarium that provides ideal conditions for plants, shrimps and small fish.

With the Day & Night LED lighting, you can choose between 3 lighting modes depending on your requirements - 2 different daylight levels and blue night light. As a result, it shines day and night! Can only be controlled with the Socket Link Duo (not included in the set).

The complete set consists of the following components:

  • Leddy Smart Day & Night lighting (3 lighting modes: DAY / DAYBREAK / NIGHT)
  • Turbo Mini Filter (adjustment of efficiency, ventilation and water flow direction)
  • Fix 2 (Smart Heating System, adjusts the heating power to the ambient conditions)
  • Glass lid with Smart Open System
  • Minimalist corners (secures the bottom of the aquarium)
  • Made in Europe
Technical specifications: Shrimp set 20
Aquarium capacity 19 litres
Dimensions (LxWxH) 25 x 25 x 30cm
Lighting Leddy Smart Day & Night 4.8 watts
Filter Turbo Mini
Filter performance 320 litres / h
Heater Fix 2, 50 watts


Volume: 10-20 liters, 20-30 liters
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