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API Tropical Fish Start Up Pack

API Tropical Fish Start Up Pack

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API® Tropical Fish Care Pack includes API’s best-selling water conditioners: API Stress Coat & Stress Zyme. Dose with Stress Coat to remove chlorine and chloramines from you water, and to protect fish with the healing power of Aloe Vera. Use Stress Zyme to speed the development of the biological filter and to help keep the aquarium clean. The API Tropical Fish Care Pack will help you succeed if you’re starting a brand new aquarium, and is also great for adding small doses of conditioner to your tank.


Add 1 teaspoon of Stress Coat for every 10 gallons of aquarium water when doing a water change. Add 1 teaspoon of Stress Zyme for every 10 gallons of aquarium water weekly.


2 - 1 oz. bottles

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