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Angel Aqua Ceramic Air Diffuser

Angel Aqua Ceramic Air Diffuser

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Quickly Aerates Water

107X19MM. Proper aeration is critical for fishes and plants in the aquarium. The Angel Aqua Ceramic Air Diffuser has a large Bubble-Disk designed to produce a consistent stream of air bubbles in circular motion bubbling through the water.

Besides producing a stunning bubbling effect, the Angel Aqua Ceramic Air Diffuser also quickly increases the level of DO (dissolved oxygen) in your aquarium.

Benefits of Angel Aqua Ceramic Air Diffuser

  • Produces large amount of bubbles
  • Increases dissolved oxygen in aquarium water
  • Works underwater without disturbance
  • Aerates and oxygenates aquarium water
  • Stunning effects - bubbles circling through the water


  1. Attach airline tubing to Bubble-Disk and place in aquarium.
  2. Allow Disk to soak for 15 minutes before turning on air supply.
  3. If after extended use algae build-up reduces airflow, remove from aquarium and clean surface with a stiff brush.
  4. The volume and pressure output of your air pump will determine how large an area of the disk will release bubbles.
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