Airmac Air Pump DBM80

Airmac Air Pump DBM80

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Linear Air Pumps

The stylish aluminum body of DBM series provide a better cooling efficiency with reliable, long lifespan, low power consumption and are equipped with thermostat to prevent pumps from overheating to cause electromagnet burnt, which are used to provide oxygen in aerobic wastewater treatment, aquariums, fish farms, hydroponic systems and more.
Performance range is from 40 to 80LPM(1.41~2.83CFM) at rated pressure 147mbar(2.13psi), Maximum pressure is 362~490mbar(5.25~7.10psi).

Model No. Voltage(VAC) Frequency(HZ) Rated Pressure Airflow AMP(A) WATT(W)
kg / cm2 psi LPM cfm
DBM80 110 ~ 120 60 0.15 2.13 86 3.04 1.90 84
DBM80 220 ~ 240 50 0.15 2.13 86 3.04 0.89 78
Operating range: 0.1 to 0.25 kg/cm2 (1.42 to 3.55 PSI)