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Abyzz A200 IPU Pump 3m

Abyzz A200 IPU Pump 3m

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Abyzz A200 IPU 3,800GPH Commercial Grade Controllable DC Pump

Abyzz has updated its popular commercial-grade A200 pumps for the fall of 2019. The new versions are called A200 IPU and include an IP65-rated splash-proof controller that is built to withstand the harsh aquatic environments around aquariums and ponds. The pump is also more powerful than its predecessor and is capable of higher flow rates.

Abyzz A200 IPU Pumps are perfect for:

  • Saltwater marine and reef aquariums
  • Freshwater aquariums
  • Pond filter systems
  • Creeks
  • Water features
  • Commercial applications

Abyzz pumps are world-renown for their exceptional build quality and industry-leading 10-year manufacturer warranty. Serious aquarium hobbyists, maintenance professionals, and public aquariums trust Abyzz pumps over any other brand. Abyzz pumps are quiet, powerful, and built to last a lifetime. The company has earned a reputation for outstanding customer support and offers unparalleled warranty coverage to give you peace of mind that you’ve made the right decision when installing an Abyzz pump. 

The Abyzz A200 IPU is very versatile and can be used underwater (internal/submersible) or outside of water (externally). The pump is not self-priming, though, so it needs to be mounted under the water level. With a max head height of 28.8’, The Abyzz IPU is a popular choice for hobbyists that keep their sump in a basement or another remote location.

Check out the specs of the Abyzz A200 IPU Pump:

  • Maximum flow rate: 4,500 GPH (BOOSTMODE®)
  • Rated flow rate: 3,800 GPH
  • Pump ambient temperature: 34-122°F
  • Driver ambient temperature: 32-86°F (without additional cooling)
  • Maximum discharge speed: 19 feet per second
  • Delivery height: 28.8 feet
  • Power consumption: 4-200W
  • Operating voltage: 100-240V~
  • Operating frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Maximum operating pressure: 17.4 PSI
  • Maximum immersion depth: 6.5 feet
  • Pump cable length: 3m (10 feet)
  • Inlet/outlet connections (metric) : 50/40mm (suitable for PVC/AVB adhesive fittings, imperial adapters available)

The Abyzz A200 IPU pump has a titanium impeller, a programmable driver, and a sine-wave controlled, three-phase synchronous pump. The efficiency of the motor is more than 90%, which, along with the fact that you can adjust the speed to meet your performance requirements, makes it an energy-saving solution.

The integrated bearing flushing provides optimum protection against calcination. In conjunction with the silicon carbide bearings and special hard metal shaft, you are certain to have very low-maintenance operation. 

All the materials used are designed to have a long lifetime and meet the highest requirements and quality standards. The Abyzz A200 IPU was developed and manufactured in Germany by venotec.

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