Abyzz A1200 IPU Pump 3m

Abyzz A1200 IPU Pump 3m

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The innovative Abyzz A1200IPU pump with titanium rotor consists of a programmable, high-performance, menu-driven, splash-water protected electronics (driver) and a sinusoidal-commutated synchronous motor (pump).
The high efficiency of the motor makes the pump, in conjunction with the adjustable to your power requirements speed, an energy-saving solution. The integrated bearing rinse offers optimum protection against calcification and, in conjunction with the silicon carbide bearings used and a special carbide shaft, ensures low-maintenance operation.
The processed materials are designed for a long service life and meet the highest requirements and quality standards. The product is developed and produced in Germany by venotec.

Special features

  • Adjustable speed range (0 … 100%)
  • Programmable control (eg wave and random mode)
  • Extensive protection against e.g. Dry running, overtemperature and overcurrent
  • Smooth start
  • Bus-capable interface for peripherals
  • Lockable plug contacts IP65
  • Low noise operation


  • Large aquariums and aquaculture facilities
  • Streams and pond filter systems


  • Abyzz A1200IPU MP Cable length 3.0m or 10.0m with range extender
  • Driver A1200 IPU splash-water protected
  • Power cable (1.5 m) and connecting cable

Installation either submerged or dry in piping, not self-priming.
The inlet / outlet connections are suitable for PVC / ABS adhesive fittings.

Dimensions 378 × 304 × 250 mm
Rated flow rate

Maximum flow rate

Delivery height

Operating pressure (max.)

Immersion depth (max.)

Inlet/outlet connections

Line length (pump)

Power consumption

Operating voltage

Ambient temperature

Line length

3,0 m, 10,0 m with Range Extender