Points to consider when setting up a marine tank

Points to consider when setting up a marine tank

Points to consider when setting up a marine tank:

Size of tank / Area of tank on your location

  • Do consider on closest electrical point
  • Consider best space for most viewing area
  • Chiller is always advised to be placed in aerated areas

Fish type, Coral Type you would love to keep

  • Do read up and see type of fish that you like, corals as well
  • Varied difficulty level may vary the system investment & size of tank

Equipment to consider

  • equipment objectives should be to reduce something - 1) reduce water change 2) reduce nitrate 3) reduce phosphate
  • equipment the objective should be to supplement: 1) sustaining the CA, KH, MG  levels, 2) keeping trace elements in the tank 3) keeping water extra sterile to ensure new fishes/corals added have a lower chance of infections etc.
  • urgency of equipment and redundancy


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. If I am a frequent traveller, how long can the tank be left alone?

Answer: We offer House-sitting and care when you are away, and generally with all the system going, tank will be fine for 3 weeks.

2. How much electricity bill are we expecting for tank?

Answer: with an average, around $20-$30 per month

 3.Do I need a quarantine tank?

Answer: you are encouraged to, however we prefer to have a full system with a QT. the methodology to treat fish, and clear fish of illness will also be needed with precise steps to have success.

4.Do I need calcium reactor/uv steriliser/chiller?

Answer: you are encouraged to have a chiller to allow fish to have a stable temperature and corals to be at 25 is best. UV steriliser is often very helpful for fish health to control water sterile levels. Calcium reactor allows you to be “lazy” and dose calcium to corals well, sustain calcium levels has many other ways too.

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