Acrylic Tanks Versus Glass Tanks

Many have asked in the difference on Acrylic Tank and Glass Tanks, so here is the breakdown of the difference!

Acrylic Tanks should only be made by PLEXIGLAS (a brand of acrylic) and to be welded by a skilled professional and to be "baked" in an oven to ensure the material is properly treated. Currently, most acrylic tanks are still manufactured overseas, like 1) Germany, 2) Japan, 3) USA, 4) China/Taiwan 

**Other form of manufacturing an acrylic tank will not be valid of the below assessment we are about to give!

Firstly - Why do you want an acrylic tank ?

1) You are considering to make a special shape - perfect for semi-circle, cylindrical, race-course shaped and whatever shape!

2) You are planning for a tank height that is higher than 900mm, or an irregular size - for safety reasons, acrylic is always safer!

3) You are keeping colder creatures, and want to avoid condensation

4) You plan to have this tank, forever and if you would transport it to another location in the future 

Facts about acrylic:

1) they are lighter than glass, so perfect for huge tanks with location weight load issues. 

2) they are super clear with 92% light transmittance, so colour of fish/corals are as true as it can get

3) they are able to hold temperature better, hence no condensation and chiller works less hard to achieve needed temperature


So why choose Glass?

1) Lead time to manufacture is fast ( usually 10 days) 

2) Cheaper than acrylic 

3) Less easy to scratch 


Hope that helps! 


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