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Nearth Live Phytoplankton 500ml

Nearth Live Phytoplankton 500ml

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NEarth Live Phytoplankton 500ML STRAIN-CULTURED Tetraselmis.

What is Strain Culturing? Strain culturing is a process where the phytoplankton are intensively “fed” under consistent but stringent environment where we use 2 to 5 separate partitions through the culturing process.

Step 1: The weaker phytoplankton dies off, gets siphons out.

Step 2: Live Phytoplankton that stays alive are mixed together and being “fed” again.

Step 3: The dead phytoplankton are filtered out.

Step 4: The stronger living phytoplankton are being monitored for at least 1 week for growth and signs of deterioration.

Results: High concentration, longer lasting (with shelf life up to 3 months or more)* and high in nutritional values.

* Depending on storage condition: Keep refrigerated, and shake every 3-4 days to prevent phytoplankton from piling up at the bottom of the packaging.

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