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Tsurumi Submersible pump 40PU2.15S

Tsurumi Submersible pump 40PU2.15S

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The PU-series is a submersible portable vortex pump designed for raw sewage, wastewater, and liquid carrying solid matters. It is made of resin and 304 stainless steel and excellent in corrosion-resistance. The vortex mechanism provides practically unchokable operation in sewage pumping. Liquid paraffin is used for the lubricating oil, which widens the application of the pump to decorative waterfalls, fishponds, aquaculture, etc.


• Draining sewage from factory, residence, hotel, restaurant, etc.

• Pumping rainwater and springwater at a place where solid matters are likely to run into the water

• Transferring wastewater between the tanks at small-scale treatment facility

• Circulating water in waterscape garden (e.g. waterfall, fountain, koi pond, etc.)

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage 220V-240V 50Hz
  • Motor output power 150W
  • Current 1.7A
  • Phase Single
  • Discharge bore 50mm (2")
  • Revolution 2850min-1
  • Starting method capacitor run
  • Max. head : 5.7m
  • Max. capacity : 0.19m3/min (190L/min)
  • Impeller passage : 35mm
  • Standard cable length : 5m
  • Insulation : Class E
  • Protection : IP68
  • Dimension : L225 x H377mm
  • Dry weight : 6.1kg
  • Made in Japan


  • Anti-wicking Cable Entry
  • Motor Protector
  • Bearings
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Dual Inside Mechanical Seal
  • Oil Lifter (Patented)
  • Air Release Valve
  • Back Pull-out Design
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