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Skimz PUR SUL Beads Media

Skimz PUR SUL Beads Media

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Skimz Pur SUL media is made from the 99.9% purest grade of sulphur for use in nitrate reactors. The use of Pur SUL in the reactor encourages the growth of anaerobic bacteria as it oxidises sulphur as the food source and eliminate nitrates by converting them to nitrogen gas.

With a sulphur nitrate reactor, there is no need to add a carbon food source to the reactor as this is a natural biological process. The food source is the sulphur and as they are anaerobic bacteria and only grow in the low oxygen water.

Pur SUL has a mixed grain sizes (large and small) for nitrate reactors to ensure good circulation and prevent clogging. Pur SUL has to be replaced from time to time as they are slowly consumed by the bacteria.


1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions supplied with the sulphur nitrate reactor.
2. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to adjust the rates of water flow. It is important for the flow through the reactor to be slow enough to deplete oxygen. It is possible ultimately to increase the flow rate to 10 L/hr when there is a high concentration of nitrate in the water, but initially should even be 1 L/hr.
3. A redox meter is very useful for tuning the reactor. The target ORP reading is between -100mV and -250mV. In this range nitrate will be utilised by the bacteria. Above -50mV indicates that it is too much oxygen in the water and the bacteria will not be able to grow correctly.
4. The water leaving the reactor has a very low PH, approximately 6 to 6.5. This water can be dripped over Skimz Pur ARAG to raise the PH before entering the aquarium.


Available in three sizes: 680ml, 1.5L and 4L.