NEWA Wind NW33

NEWA Wind NW33

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A powerful air pump for running undergravel filters, airstones or air driven ornaments.The NW33 has two variable air outputs flow rate suitable for medium to large size aquariums and medium size air stones.

The air pump should be positioned in a well ventilated, dust free area either horizontally or vertically. The outlet nozzle will connect to any 4mm air tube, if the air pump is situated level with or below the aquarium then a non return valve should be fitted in the air line to prevent any siphoning of the aquarium water.

The air pump requires very little maintenance, the anti dust filter will need to be removed and cleaned periodically, should there be a decrease in the air pump performance then the pump membrane and valve should be replaced using Aquarium Systems spare parts.

Complete with aeration kit which includes an air stone, air tubing and non-return valve.


  • Aquarium volume between 200-700 litres (44-155 gallons)
  • 2x190 l/h air flow
  • Max water depth 2x140cm
  • Power consumption 3.5 watts
  • 220/240 volts 50hz


  • Includes free aeration kit (air stone, air tubing and non-return valve)
  • 2 year guarantee
  • High performance with low power consumption
  • Extremely quiet
  • Compact and powerful
  • Long life
  • Low maintenance


  • Coldwater
  • Tropical
  • Marine