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Felix Smart Controller

Felix Smart Controller

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Smart Controller 

Never be tied to just one brand. Connect different devices regardless of brand to Felix Smart and have them work seamlessly together. With 8 power sockets and 6 USB plugs, there is enough room for your current setup and any future devices you may want to add. Your Felix Smart controller can be controlled from anywhere in the world through the Felix Smart APP. Choose from custom power settings for each device or allow us to automate the process for you. Currently available with North American, EU and UK power sockets.

Smart 360º Submersible Aquarium Camera

Seeing is believing. Experience your aquarium like never before, underwater and in 360º. Check in on your inhabitants in 720P HD. Your Felix Smart camera is ready for your compatible VR goggles or headset. Additional features like timelapse and fish tracking to be rolled out by Christmas 2020.

Smart Monitor

Monitor your water quality and light parameters with ease and never worry about calibrating. Simply change your slides every 30 days to receive the most accurate readings. Measures pH, Ammonia, temperature, water level, LUX, kelvin and PAR. Each monitor comes with a 90-day supply of slides (3 in total). 

Smart App

Control and monitor your aquarium from anywhere. Get notifications when there is a power failure or when your temperature is too high. Monitor and make changes to your system in real time and view your changes as they happen. Receive advice from the Felix Smart Assistant to help you in creating the perfect aquarium conditions, based on the system and devices you have. Felix Smart Assistant is like having a professional fishkeeper by your side.

Home Assistant

Felix Smart can respond to voice commands given to Siri or Alexa, giving you the freedom to manage your aquarium equipment hands free.

Felix Smart also works with Siri Shortcuts to deliver an automated experience like no other. Create a multi-function shortcut with Siri Shortcuts when you’re performing maintenance on your aquarium and have Siri turn off your pumps and lights and then turn on your favourite playlist on your connected smart speaker. Just say “Hey Siri, Performing Maintenance”.

Open Source Hardware And API Software

An open ecosystem that allows for endless possibilities and seamless integration. Felix is designed to work with any smart device including lights, pumps, heaters, dosers and skimmers. We are continually

WIFI Extender

The Felix Smart Controller can act as a Wi-Fi extender in your network. It can provide up to an additional 500 square feet of coverage.