Boyu Air Pump S-500A

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Feature: ●With streamline design, it is beautiful and decent. Made from ABS plastic, the shell of the body is firm, durable and endures to shock. And the air-intake room is made from macromolecule complex rubber, and has long service lifetime. ●It is driven by the top-quality motor. With the adjustable exhaust, this device is advanced, reasonable, high-efficiency and energy-saving. ●All the movable parts are sealed inside the body. Adopting labyrinth-type air-ways and rubber anti-shock cushion, the operation is stable without any noise. ●The article is produced according to standard and meets concerned national safely stipulations. It is safe and reliable. Model S-500A Voltage AC230/115V Frequency 50/60Hz Power 2.8W Output 4.0L/min Pressure 0.010Mpa Size(LxWxH) 116x70x56mm (4.57x2.76x2.20")