Aquarium Systems Sea Salt Reef Crystal 380g

Aquarium Systems Sea Salt Reef Crystal 380g

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Reef Crystals sea salt is the first formulation of enriched sea water to contain the additional benefit of elements important to Reef aquarium enthusiasts.


  • Additional calcium that enables Reef organisms to form their shells or skeletal structures.
  • Additional trace elements that provide additional important nutritional elements.
  • Additional vitamins that promote the optimal growth and survival of corals, anemones, algae, etc.
  • A neutraliser that eradicates the dangers presented by the heavy metals in the domestic water supply.

Reef Crystals represents a significant improvement in the field of aquarium maintenance. Fully compatible with all salt water aquariums, it presents no danger to animals which are not specifically Reef-dwelling.
Use in 5 minutes

25°C 1,024 450 mg/l 1300 mg/l 9°dH