Aquarium System Sea Salt Instant Ocean 360g

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Aquarium Systems Instant Ocean is a synthetic sea salt of high quality for use in aquaria. Free of nitrates and phosphates. Since 1964, Aquarium Systems Instant Ocean is the most carefully formulated and manufactured sea salt in the world. An extensive biological and scientific program with the scientific community and in the Aquarium Systems hatchery -where they have produced millions of tropical sea fish- has enabled them to elaborate and refine a formula that fulfills the needs of captive marine organisms. Each ingredient used in the composition of Instant Ocean is carefully selected and tested. Each batch is analysed in order to guarantee that all important elements have been perfectly mixed. Each batch is also continously monitored in laboratory aquatic systems containing delicate marine animals and plants, because live organisms are always the most sensitive indicators of quality.


  • Ideal choice to restore all of the trace elements and nutrients
  • 360g
  • Instant Ocean Marine Salt
25°C 1,024 400 mg/l 1250 mg/l 8°dH

Balanced salt
Suitable for fish only or tanks with a few corals (low nutrient systems)