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Aquarium Systems Ala Carte Herbivore Diet Spirulina 30g(Medium)

Aquarium Systems Ala Carte Herbivore Diet Spirulina 30g(Medium)

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Aquarium Systems A La Carte Herbivore Diet is ideal for all marine and freshwater herbivorous algae grazers - great for African cichlids.

Herbivore Diet is based on highly digestible plant ingredients including spirulina algae with all its health benefits. It contains all the nutritional elements required by plant and algae eating animals. It contains a rich mix of multivitamins with a high level of stable vitamin C. This will keep the fish in excellent condition and improves their disease resistance. The spirulina provides not only healthy antioxidants and minerals but also helps to intensify the colours of the fish. Because the high digestibility of this diet a good water quality is promoted. The pellets will partly sink, with different velocities, while the other part floats on the surface for a while. In this way the fish and shrimp in all water layers can easily forage.

 Highly digestible plant ingredients
 High in vitamin C
 Multivitamins and antioxidants
 Great for shrimp and foragers

Feeding instructions: Sprinkle dry or soak a pinch for one minute in water. The pellets will float and sink at different speeds. Remove any uneaten granules after 5-10 minutes.

Protein: 37%
Fat: 6%
Fibre: 1.8%
Moisture: 8.8%

Mini granules measure approx 0.8 - 1.2mm per pellet.