Aquabee Universal centrifugal pump UP8000 electronic 24V DC (adjustable) 0-50 W

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The electronic 24V UP 8000 is suitable for fresh and salt water aquarium.

The pump operates completely silently thanks to its modern 24 volt brushless motor. The ceramic bearings ensure extremely high durability. The freely rotating pump housing allows individual routing of pipe-work. The control unit can be separated from the pump.

The 24 volt protective extra low voltage guarantees absolute safety in the aquarium.

The pump can also be controlled by a standard aquarium computer via the 10V interface.

Technical data: 

  • Dimensions of the pump (with pipe connections) -
  • Length: 186mm,
  • Height: 152mm,
  • Width 100mm
  •  Electronic control in 5 watt increments
  • 8000L at 50 watts adjustable from 5 -50 watts
  • Max 4m water colum
  • 24 volt protective low voltage
  • 10 volt interface
  • Chich connector
  • 32mm pipe connections
  • Pump can be separated from control unit
  • 24 volt power supply
  • 1.8m main cable
  • 3m control wire